Monday, March 24, 2008

Marcus Davis On UFC 2009 Video Game

This is an interview took by Sherdog radio and it featured Marcus Davis talking about his experience when getting scanned for the UFC video game. Marcus had a lot of great things to say and gave us alot of information of possible things regarding the game, some include the developers taking such detailed pictures/scans of fighters and motion capturing. By how Marcus describes the fighters movements being perfectly replicated from video footage to in-game, it becomes certain that UFC 2009 is using the latest technology that is the Euphoria game engine. He also goes on to talk about a playable demo coming within a couple of months with Rampage and Forrest as the two featured fighters. Marcus also said the developers are working on the ground game alot more with open guard, closed guard, side mount and etc. It seems that alot of hard work, time and dedication went into this game and I certaintly hope that it pays off in the game. Listen to the interview for the details.

Special thanks to Harveyfofi for giving me the interview and helping me out, this audio was made possible because of him.

Marcus Davis Talks UFC 2009


harveyfofi said...

Great interview, I wish more UFC fighters like Marcus Davis would give more output on the game. Also thanks to Jeff Sherwood for asking him about the UFC video game & keep the conversation going.

harveyfofi said...

I also want to give special thanks to CDF47. CDF47 is one of the Sherdog's forum memnbers.CDF47 always keeps me updated about the UFC game & he told me about Marcus Davis's interview.